Fiebing's Liquid Mink Oil 8 oz

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Fiebing's Mink Oil Liquid From Fiebing's, an industry leader since 1895. A blend of Mink Oil and 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil that softens, preserves, protects, conditions, waterproofs and adds suppleness to all articles of smooth leather and vinyl. Use around vehicles and the home as well as for equine items. Will darken light or unfinished leathers. Not recommended for use on suede.  

Turn to Fiebing's mink oil for making leather items water resistant 
Ideal for shoes, boots, harnesses, saddles and more 
Specially formulated with silicone, lanolin and vitamin E to replenish lost oils 
Keeps leather, vinyl and even plastic soft and supple 
Helps prevent water, salt, and perspiration stains 
By Fiebing 
Made in USA