American Hat Co Straw - 1803 - Ramie Sisal Fancy Vent

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American Hat Straw - 1803 - Ramie Sisal Fancy Vent

Rockin R Hats can custom shape the crown and brim, just let us know what shape you'd like. Our current stock has an RC crown and brim.

American Hat Company
The cowboy hat is the most recognizable piece of clothing in the world and represents the traditions and values of the iconic American Cowboy.Quality, tradition, and classic style… It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about saddles, boots, or cowboy hats, when they’re handmade in Texas, these are the things you’ve come to expect. For over 100 years, American Hat Company has been committed to producing the finest quality, handmade cowboy hats in the world.
We make our hats in Bowie, Texas, and use many of the same processes we did 100 years ago, from each felt hat being hand finished, to the brim on every straw hat being cut and sewn by hand. By hand-making our hats, we can ensure the quality of each hat that we box and send to our customers.