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-Assorted: Brown, Chocolate, or Delicate.

Ariat Boot Cream is a moisturizing boot polish that brings condition and shine to your fine leather equestrian boots. Premium Boot Cream from Ariat can be used on your tall boots, paddock boots, and leather shoes. Ariat's Premium Boot Cream is designed to soften and supple leather. It won't leave a sticky residue or feel slippery in the saddle.

Apply Ariat Boot Cream with a soft cloth then buff to a beautiful finish. A little goes a long way! Ariat Premium Boot Cream will keep your show boots looking their best and help prolong the life of your footwear. Choose Black for your black leather boots. Choose Delicate colorless cream for exotic and delicate leather.

  • 1.55oz jar
  • Buffs to a beautiful shine
  • Condition, Polish, Protect

Ariat Delicate Boot Creme by M&F A27006-171

Care for your most delicate leather products including boots, purses, totes, and more. Appropriate for all colors of leathers.

Application  Instructions: Read manufacturer's warnings before use. Follow the care  instructions as directed on the label, when in doubt, do a small test patch before treating the entire item. Protect items around your work  space prior to use. We suggest trying it in a non-conspicuous area on your item to see how it may discolor the leather.